Nea Kavala, day three, Saturday, 11th of August 2018

My schedule today:

Vincente warehouse
Feeling meeting

This morning some volunteers meet at the warehouse. Donations that are not immediately needed are stored here. The organisation always collects the items until they have enough of every sort before they get offered in the shop. So, they avoid jealousy and conflicts among the residents.

Foto: Isabel Sevé

In the afternoon I work in the laundry again. One of our volunteers and two residents are playing backgammon in front of the laundry container. Children are watching them carefully.

Wäscherei Backgammon
Foto: Andrea Koltermann
schreiben in arabisch
Foto: Andrea Koltermann
Andrea auf arabisch
Foto: Andrea Koltermann

A young man from Syria writes my name in Arabic letters. They only use consonants, no vocals.

 The time seems to stand still. The people have a lot of spare time and seem to be happy to have some distraction. A young man from Afrika tells me in french that he is bored with waiting and he really wants to work.

Speaking the same language makes communication easier.

A volunteer is making a goodbye gift for a long-term-coordinator who will be leaving today.

Foto: Andrea Koltermann

In the afternoon all volunteers are invited to participate in a feelings-meeting. The coordinators are eagerly interested in our wellbeing.

Feelings Meeting
Foto: Andrea Koltermann

This evening is reserved for a long-term coordinators goodbye party. She had been team coordinator for the Dråpen i Havet volunteers at Nea Kavala for one year. The owner of a nice cafe in Axioupolis cooks a delicious dinner for all of us.

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  1. HELP!! It looks so nice and sunny on the pictures right? But you don’t want to know how it feels since yesterday. The nights are extremely cold all the sudden, and to make it even worse, there’s a cyclone coming our way. The wind is already so strong that it blew away around 30% of the tents.

    To be honest, we don’t know what to do. Today we cleaned the area like we do twice a week. But it’s heartbreaking to see the people suffering in the cold and we’re out of blankets.

    So please, let us know if you can help the people on Lesvos to stay warm during this freezing autumn weather. We have to start preparing for winter as soon as possible!

    Do you want to support us helping the refugees on Lesvos? Please make a donation via

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