Back home, Friday, 24th of August 2018

The first night in my one home. I’m happy to see my family again, to sleep in my own bed. In Greece I didn’t sleep very well. There were so many questions in my brain. These questions are still alive in my thoughts.

Foto: Isabel Sevé

What is going to happen to all these nice people? Going back to their homes is no option at this moment. Will they be able to move to another country, to find a safe place to live and to work, to be integrated somewhere? Will their children ever have any chance to get a good education? Will these traumatised people ever have the possibility to live a normal live? Children that have seen war, played war, escaped war. Young man, who had been soldiers, trained to kill other people with machine guns, other young men, fled before they would have been forced to kill by order of the military.

Since I was grown up, I decide what I want to do, where I want to live and with whom I live together. There are many people in this world who won’t ever have these possibilities.

I believe that I did a very good work the last two weeks, but was it more than a drop in the ocean? I know, every ocean is made of many drops.

Foto: Patrick Heinz

Could there be more important things that should be done? Like organising medical and therapeutically help?
Will I go back to Nea Kavala to continue my work over there? Will I offer my help building up other camps in Greece?
Can I do some similar or better work then I did in the detention centre in Greece also here in Germany?
Will I organise information events for volunteers and other interested people?

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