Nea Kavala‚ day fifteen, Thursday, 23th of August 2018, my last day

My schedule today:

Women’s Space, English class
Final meeting with coordinator Molly
Going back to Germany

My last English lessons at the Women’s Space.

Foto: Andrea Koltermann

I feel happy and sad at the same time. I feel as if my stay had just started and I also feel like I had been here for month.

I’ve got so many ideas about things that could be done here.

Molly und ich
Foto: Andrea Koltermann

I have my final meeting with Molly. Further communication with other Dråpen i Havet volunteers will take place in an after-stay Facebook group.

I talked to them, I worked with them, I played with them, I danced and laughed and cried with them, I listend to them telling about their lives, their problems, their fears and their future plans. I taught them a little bit English and German, they showed me a little bit of their way of life, I showed them a little bit of my way of life.
But do I realy know what it means to be a refugee? Of course, I don’t and I would never do.

Foto: Andrea Koltermann

Good bye everyone!

Flughafen Makedonia
Foto: Andrea Koltermann

Airport Makadonia, Thessaloniki

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